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Many of you know me as the Executive Director of Victim Support Services or from my previous role as Executive Director of the Lake Stevens Community Food Bank. I have worked on some of the most critical legislation for our children and families including Breakfast After the Bell and the Farm Bill.  I am so proud of who we are here, what we stand for, and where we are headed in the 44th. I look forward to earning your trust, your support, and your vote!


Thank you, now let’s get to work!



Many Snohomish County families have been hurt by this COVID-19 recession. At a moments notice, healthy, successful and hardworking people found themselves hurt through no fault of their own. Small businesses were shuttered and many will never come back – and the federal government’s “small business” loan program helped some, but too much went to big corporations that were later shamed into sending the money back. We have a choice with our recovery – we can focus on our main streets and local businesses, or we can focus on the banks and big corporations. I will always fight for our local Snohomish County small businesses and working families!

I understand our community's needs because I was on the front lines even before the pandemic. As Executive Director of the Lake Stevens Food Bank I expanded the reach from 1 to 4 locations, increased overall service capability from 3 meals per month per resident to 90 meals per month, and grew the yearly budget from $100k to $5M.  Now, as Executive Director of Victim Support Services, I have instituted programs to expand our financial and service support to all of the crime victims that we serve.

As we rebuild, I want an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and big corporations. 


We must honor our veterans who defend our freedom. As a child I heard stories of WWII and the Korean War from family members who served. Today, I continue to hear from family and friends about the pride and the struggles associated with their service. We must provide them with support and services they need during and after their service. I strongly support reducing tuition at state community colleges and universities for veterans and giving them college credit for what they learned during their service. Why should a military paramedic have to be in a “101” college course if they want to earn a nursing degree? 


Snohomish County is in the middle of an affordable housing crisis. Working families are getting priced out, and that means longer commutes and less time with our loved ones. I want to bring everyone together to find solutions to this crisis – from our state elected officials, to homebuilders, to environmental leaders. Working together, we can and will find solutions.


The COVID crisis has shown the gaps and weaknesses in our health care delivery system. Our frontline health care workers – nurses, doctors, EMTs and others – are doing a terrific job, but they need our help. We need to strengthen our public health system, adequately fund Fundamental Public Health, particularly so we can provide COVID testing, and hopefully a vaccination soon for all who need it. This includes adequately funding Fundamental Public Health

Even before COVID, we needed a stronger health care system. Mental health services in particular need strengthening, particularly for young people, veterans and our homeless population. 

As your state representative, I’ll also make lowering the costs of life saving prescription drugs a top priority. I will work to make it easier to import cheaper drugs from Canada and make generic drugs more accessible. In addition, I will also hold drug companies accountable when they try to gouge Washingtonians who rely on prescriptions in order to survive.


I’m pro-choice and support a woman’s right to choose. I am a strong supporter of requiring insurance companies to cover contraception, mammograms and cervical cancer screenings – something that shouldn’t even be an issue.


All too often women find themselves stuck in violent or unhealthy relationships because of a lack of access to much needed resources. We must strengthen our safety net in order to ensure that women are not put in situations where they must choose between endangering themselves and providing for their children.


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